Women in Mythology
Fourth Session (New Content), OLLI, Nevada County
Begins February, 2018

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Sexuality in Film, Literature, and Mythology
Meridian University
Summer, 2017

Past Classes and Lectures:

The Forgotten Voices of the Beat Generation
First Session, OLLI, Nevada County
Emphasis on Langston Hughes, Bob Kaufman, ruth weiss, and Lenore Kandel

The History of Women in Psychology
Meridian University, Winter 2017
Emphasis on Sabina Spielrein

Myth, Ritual, and Story
Meridian University
Fall, 2016

Power, Privilege, and Oppression (in Media and Literature)
Meridian University
Spring, 2017

Sabina Spielrein: The Woman and the Myth
Seattle Jung Society
December, 2016

Female Doubling in Ingmar Bergman’s Persona
Bergman Center, Sweden, Invited Lecturer
Spring, 2016

“Haitian Vodou and Female Iconography”
American Academy of Religion, Western Region

“Sylvia Plath’s Bell Jar: A Mytho-poetic Interpretation”                                                           Sylvia Plath Symposium, 2013

Current Co-Chair, Goddess Studies Unit, American Academy of Religion, Western Region